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Why Jesus’s Resurrection is Essential

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The Resurrection of the Body

The resurrection of the dead is an elementary teaching of Christ (Heb 6:2). An in-depth study can reveal more or even uncover holes in understanding this biblical teaching. Many have rejected the resurrection of bodies on the last day for … Continue reading

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All Sins Are NOT Equal

Jesus’s trial revealed whether all sins are equal. Seeing Jesus bearing a crown thorns and a scarlet robe, the Jews cried, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” pleading to crucify Jesus making himself the Son of God (John 19:6). When Pontius Pilate … Continue reading

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Jesus, Paul, and “Introducing the Apocrypha”

David. A. deSilva is a very well educated and intelligent scholar. This writer appreciates his contributions, but this reader was disappointed in this end with his introduction to the Apocrypha. I am critical of critical scholarship. I wrote a short … Continue reading

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A Brief Defense for the Cosmological Argument

This post can serve as a brief presentation of the cosmological argument for the cause of the universe. While reading over some WordPress posts about apologetics, I am often find some peculiar rejections of academic arguments for theism. In this … Continue reading

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Six Actions of Churches that Grow

From my perspective, churches in the Bible die for a lack togetherness and sharing God’s Word with one another, a lack of works from a lack of love, and compromising the truth for immorality (Rev 2–3). In the Scriptures, sound … Continue reading

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What Will Happen to Those Who Never Find Christ?

What will happen to those who never find Christ? Is this fair and just that these suffer eternal condemnation? In the Christians Scriptures, there was a man who was devout, feared God, prayed to God, gave to the poor, and did not know Jesus, but… Continue reading

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