Seeing God's Breath

"Every scripture is God's breath…" (2 Timothy 3:16–17).

Group Bible Study Guides

The following Bible studies provide a workbook of one page for in-class discussion. The leader (or teacher) will need to review the material, read the text, and consult biblical tools such as introductions and cultural background commentaries. Most will consist of 12–13 weeks for 3 months of a full quarter. The studies are based on word-for-word translations such as NKJV, KJV, ESV, ASV, and NASB. Please, encourage me to post more.

New Testament

The Gospel of John (being edited)

Study of the Book of Acts (13 weeks)


Theology – a Study of God (coming)

Jesus’s Parables (being edited)

Great Themes of the Bible (teens)

Holiness and Holy Living (being edited)

Old Testament

Study of the Book of Daniel (12 weeks)

Survey of Psalms (being edited)

260 NT Reading

New Testament Reading Guide

Group reads through NT in a year by ~5 chapters a week and meets to share memorized scriptures, discuss difficult passages, understand a survey of the NT, plan to serve together, and encourage and pray for one another.


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