Seeing God's Breath

"Every scripture is God's breath…" (2 Timothy 3:16–17).

A Restoration of the Ancient Order of Things

Alexander Campbell was a leader among many who led the Restoration Movement. The Restoration Movement was in contrast with the Reformation. Many independent believers under the burden of denominations saw the need to restore New Testament Christianity by forming churches or joining the churches of Christ already in existence, and therefore, they left the denominations rather than continue to try to reform them.

Alexander Campbell wrote these 32 articles entitled, “A Restoration of the Ancient Order of Things” in his paper The Christian Baptist from 1823–29. The Restoration Movement included a reliance upon Scripture over creeds for unity, included scriptural worship, purity of Christian words, a scriptural Christian spirit, a restoration of church government, and a restoration of Christian fellowship and unity.


(1) A Plea for Restoration(2) New Testament Unity(3) Creeds against Christ(4) Words of the Spirit,

(5) Order of Worship(6) The Breaking of Bread No. 1(7) The Breaking of Bread No. 2(8) The Breaking of Bread No. 3(9) The Breaking of Bread No. 4(10) The Fellowship of Communion(11) Apostolic Example,

(12) The Bishop’s Office No. 1(13) The Bishop’s Office No. 2(14) The Bishop’s Office No. 3,

(15) Love Feasts(16) The Spirit of Ancient Christians(17) Purity of Speech(18) An Argument against the Ancient Order(19) The Deacon’s Office(20) Loving Devotion to God(21) Sectarian Songs(22) More Sectarian Songs(23) The Church,

(24) Church Discipline No. 1(25) Church Discipline No. 2(26) Church Discipline No. 3(27) Church Discipline No. 4(28) Church Discipline No. 5(29) Church Discipline No. 6(30) Church Discipline No. 7(31) Church Discipline No. 8,

(32) Church Titles

Other articles from Alexander Campbell’s Christian Baptist:

Concluding Remarks (1829)


Ancient Gospel—No. 1; Ancient Gospel—No. 2; Ancient Gospel—No. 3

Campbell, Alexander. The Christian Baptist. Cincinnati: D.S. Burnet, 1835.


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