History of the Church of Christ

Below is my collection of records for the history of the church of Christ from before the Restoration Movement in the 19th century. Some churches of Christ in England track their existence in England from “nonconformists” in the 17 c. through the Lollards in the 14th c. whose teaching came from Germany. Likewise, the churches of Christ in Germany trace their earliest years to the 8th c. from the Christians of the churches of Christ in southern France known as “the Vaudois” (People of the Valley) in the 4th century. The Vaudois followed strictly the New Testament Scriptures and claimed their history back through early Christians like Irenaeus, Polycarp, and Clement in the 2nd c. unto the Apostles in the 1st c. and the establishment of the church on the day of Pentecost. However, the Gospel will form the church whenever even without a historical line of descent. See “Ten Characteristics of the Church of Christ.

Here are some “nonconformists” who the churches of Christ would accept today as fellow brethren:

Thomas Helwys and the Church of Christ (1612) and his words about Baptism and Salvation

John Tombes about Baptism in the Church of Christ (1659)

Here are some fascinating histories of the churches of Christ before the Restoration Movement:

History of the Churches of Christ in England by Keith Sisman

History of the Early Churches of Christ in Central Europe by Hans Grimm

8 Responses to History of the Church of Christ

  1. Al Grayson says:

    Traces of the Kingdom, by Keith Sisman.

    While loaded with misspellings, run-on sentences, comma splices (cough!), and Britishisms (a few not found in the Oxford Dictionary!), this book provides information gleaned from rare and obscure volumes and records in the Cambridge and British Libraries. Sisman lives only about 30 miles from Cambridge and has friends at Cambridge who opened doors not generally opened to most visitors to the Library.

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  2. Smm says:

    Hey David,

    I know the author personally and he would be happy to hear from you if you go to his website….his contact info is on there. Google or bing traces of the kingdom. Good luck!


  3. david wilcox says:

    Sir: do you know where I could find the book the devils door? I have traces of the kingdom Amazon had 1 copy I got that! But can’t find the other book.thank you david


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