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Why Jesus’s Resurrection is Essential

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Six Actions of Churches that Grow

From my perspective, churches in the Bible die for a lack togetherness and sharing God’s Word with one another, a lack of works from a lack of love, and compromising the truth for immorality (Rev 2–3). In the Scriptures, sound … Continue reading

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What Will Happen to Those Who Never Find Christ?

What will happen to those who never find Christ? Is this fair and just that these suffer eternal condemnation? In the Christians Scriptures, there was a man who was devout, feared God, prayed to God, gave to the poor, and did not know Jesus, but… Continue reading

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Why Christians Should Stop Trying to Please People

Are Christians supposed to please people? Christians often confuse “becoming all things to all people” as a command to try to please everyone so that everyone will give approval of that person. Jesus warned, “Woe to you, when all people speak … Continue reading

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Why Did Jesus Cry, “My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me”?

Why did Jesus cry, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me” quoting Psalm 22:1 (Matt 27:46)? Some have thought that Jesus’s words for God forsaking him implied that Jesus went to Hell. However, Jesus told the thief on … Continue reading

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Should Christians Meet on Sunday?

Why do churches meet on Sunday? Continue reading

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Minimal Facts of Jesus’s Resurrection

The majority of critical historians agree on these minimal facts about Jesus’s resurrection:

1. Joseph of Arimathea buried Jesus’s body in a tomb.
2. Women found Jesus’s tomb empty on the third day.
3. Various people experienced Jesus risen from the dead.
4. Opponents like Paul and James converted when they experienced Jesus risen.
5. The church began and exists because various people experienced Jesus risen. Continue reading

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