Everything that exists has an explanation for its existence either by its constant nature or by its cause. Why does an intelligible universe exist that allows intelligent beings to live and observe it? The best explanation is an intelligent cause rather than an unintelligent cause. God is evident.

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). From the beginning, the Bible gives the best explanation for the existence of the universe. All of humanity observes the cause and effect of the universe. The past is not infinite so that time could never reach the present. Everyone can perceive that time began. They know that their existence began and likewise their parents and ancestors over many generations. All decay over time wears upon all living things so that all things will come to an end and so all the life in the universe has a beginning.

For those who exclude God, the galaxies appear to be drifting into the inevitable darkness of a cold death of all light and life where every human endeavor and historical event would ultimately come to a meaningless and purposeless fate. No one should tell oneself, “There is no God,” when God’s eternal power and divine nature are present in His Creation (Romans 1:20).