The History of Jesus
The mythicist asserts, “Jesus is a myth.”

  • No sitting scholar believes that Jesus was a myth and that He did not exist (Bart Ehrman, “Did Jesus Exist?” 2012).
  • Jesus of Nazareth claimed to “the Son of Man” who would approach God in the heavens receive an eternal kingdom (Da 7:13–14; Mk 14:62). Therefore, Jesus is either lunatic, liar, or Lord.
  • Various eyewitnesses attest to Jesus’s resurrection.
    1. Critical scholars affirm that the gospel of Jesus’s death, burial, & resurrection is an ancient creed dating just after Jesus’s death (1 Co 15:1–11; Ga 1:11–2:10).
    2. Opponents like Paul and James converted because of witnessing Jesus bodily risen from the dead (1 Co 15:5–11).
    3. Historians recognize that the church exists & began in the 1st c. because various people experienced appearances of Jesus risen from the dead.
    4. Hostile sources attest that Jesus predicted His resurrection on the 3rd day & that guards sealed and protected the tomb that everyone found empty (Mt 28:11–15; cf. Mark 8:31; 9:31; 10:32–34).
    5. The eyewitness testimonies of the Gospels agree with past scriptures that predicted the Messiah & His resurrection (Ps 16:10; 22; Is 53; Ac 2:14–26).
    6. First-century churches delivered the four Gospels as eyewitness testimonies of Jesus Christ.
    7. By character judgment, people believe the Bible, because they find that Jesus & His apostles have been honest, genuine, & sincere (Jn 7:17).
  • Critical scholarship affirms that Jesus predicted the Temple’s destruction in AD 70 (Mk 13; Lk 21).
  • Jesus Christ testified to the Genesis account of the creation of the universe (Mt 19:4–9; Mk 10:5–9).