God & Science
The antagonist asserts, “God is a myth.”

  • Everything that begins has a cause. The universe began. Therefore, universe must have a cause. Furthermore, the cause of an intelligible universe must have greater creative power, must be intelligent, and exist beyond the universe’s natural laws.
    • Causality proves God. Every effect must have an equal or greater cause. Follow the effects to its logical origin. God is the first cause — the uncaused Cause.
    • If the cause of the expansion of the universe existed before natural laws, then the cause must be supernatural by definition.
  • The constancy and balance of the natural laws of the universe is due to necessity, chance, or design. The constancy and balance of the natural laws of the universe is not due to necessity or chance. Therefore, the constancy and balance of the universe is due to design.
    • The constancy and balance of the natural laws of the universe happen to allow human life so intelligent to observe the natural laws that allows intelligent life and all life to exist.
    • Considered by many as the most brilliant scientist, Isaac Newton, observed that an intelligent Agent started the nature’s order (Opticks). Other brilliant thinkers and scientists who believe include Pasteur, von Braun, and more.
  • Any system more complex than intelligent design was designed. Biology is more complex than human design. Therefore, biology was designed.
    1. Design in nature is evidence of God’s attributes (Ro 1:19–21).
    2. Every code has a creator. DNA is the genetic code found in most cells of every life form.
    3. The process of DNA replication is irreducibly complex.
    4. Molecular nanomachines show the complex design within cells, which the intelligent Creator must have designed.
  • Science is observed. Abiogenesis & the evolution of familiae are unobserved.
    • In the 1st c. BC, Diodorus Siculus recorded the ancient myth of evolution that life emerged & evolved into animals, & then bestial men, hunted, gathered, discovered fire, & invented language via grunts.
  • The Creator would have created an earth that is habitable, developed, and mature. Genesis reports that God created the heavens and the earth in the beginning, and God formed the earth to be habitable and create all kinds of life mature in 6 days (Ge 1).
    • God formed the biosphere in day and formed the land in a day through accelerated processes in time-lapse.
    • God created trees from seeds in a day and thus set the natural laws following the creation (Ge 1:11–13).
    • God created the light of the stars in the heavens to shine upon the earth before setting natural laws such as the speed of light (Ge 1:14–19).
    • The Creator made living mature creatures according to the kinds and able to multiply, but God does not appear to have created by rapid processes (Ge 1:20–25).
    • God created mature man and woman not from infancy and not by accelerated processes (Gen 1:26–31).
    • The Creator sets the laws of nature in the completion of the creation (Ge 1).
    • Secularists exclude preexisting isotopes from radiometric dating & they ignore that the Creator created a mature universe with accelerated processes.
  • If there was a worldwide flood, people would find fossils buried in layers of rock laid down by water all over the earth. The Bible records a worldwide flood (Ge 6–9).
  • The Bible records scientific insight including biogenesis (Ge 1), lifeblood (Le 17:11), diagnosis for diseases (Le 13), antibacterial soap (Nu 19), thermodynamics (He 1:10–11), cosmology (Is 40:22), & sea currents (Ps 8:8).