Causality Cosmology and God

Causality is the basis of science. The Law of Cause and Effect disproves the Big Bang along with macroevolution and abiogenesis. If there was nothing in the beginning, there would be nothing now. The Law of Cause and Effect affirms that every effect has a greater cause, which everyone observes to be true through our firsthand observations. Imagine that you returned home one day to find your house destroyed and collapsed upon itself. Would you believe your neighbor if she told you that a small bird landed on your roof, and the speed and weight of that bird caused your home to crumble into rubble? See, our observations affirm that every effect must have a sufficient cause. Trace the effect of every cause back to its origin, and eventually,the great Cause of all is found. Whatever begins to exist must have a cause. The universe began to exist. Therefore, the universe must have a cause.

Secularists assert that an explosion called the Big Bang caused the order of the Universe, and that the Big Bang supposedly came from a singularity such as a small ball of matter called a ylem that some suppose emerged from an “atemporal void” — a timeless nothing. This is to say that everything came from nothing, and an explosion caused the order of the universe contradicting causality, which is fundamental to science. Such absurd causes like a timeless void and other speculations of eternal energy disregard science. The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics affirm that energy can neither be naturally created nor destroyed, and that energy is becoming increasingly unusable. The universe cannot exist eternally, because an infinite regress of time is an absurdity. Infinite time before this point in time would never allow for this point in time to exist. The only sufficient cause of the Universe is an intelligent Creator. Read more.

Consider the brilliant Creationist, Isaac Newton, who wrote concerning causality and its essential place in the scientific method,

“By this way of Analysis we may proceed from Compounds to Ingredients, and from Motions to the Forces producing them; and in general, from Effects to their Causes, and from particular Causes to more general ones, till the Argument end in the most general. This is the Method of Analysis: And the Synthesis consists in assuming the Causes discover’d, and establish’d as Principles, and by them explaining the Phænomena proceeding from them, and proving the Explanations.” (Opticks, P. 208)

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