Counting Down 10 Reasons Why Naturalism is False: No. 5 — Radiometric Dating

Macroevolution relies on an atheistic worldview and secular assumptions in chronological dating.[1] The fundamental flaw of radiometric dating begins with naturalistic assumptions that the Creator did not create a mature universe. How many isotopes existed within the original igneous rock when God created the universe?

Imagine a clock counting upward and currently at 4.5 billion years. How long has that clock been counting given that the clock started after zero? God could create the universe with preexisting isotopes within the original rock. People are irrational to not consider the Creator and presume that God did not create a mature universe.

Furthermore, consider the clock again. How can someone determine when the clock began if an unknown amount of time has been added and, or subtracted from the clock? Likewise, secular scientists admit to presuming that igneous rock could naturally be contaminated or altered releasing elements. Most forms of radiometric dating use igneous rock. Potassium-Argon dating has proved that such dating of volcanic rocks is unreliable, because argon-40 preexists in relatively recent lava flows (Reproducibility of K-Ar Ages of Rocks and MineralsExcess Argon in Volcanic Rock, [3], [4], [5]).

Secular scientists also admit to presuming that rock samples (and organic samples) contain no preexisting elements. Evolutionists misuse radiometric dating by overlooking that igneous rock is the original rock — the Creation rock. Such rock cannot produce an accurate date for the age of the earth without first assuming that God did not create such rock that contains preexisting isotopes.

The flaw with secular science is that it is secular — Godless — and thus disregards the Creator. Radioisotope dating is subjective to personal bias allowing presumptions to decide between a dating method like Carbon-14 for thousands of years and Potassium-Argon or Uranium-Lead dating for millions of years. Whether someone believes in a young earth or an old earth, radiometric dating is not a reliable method to reach the answer for the age of the earth.

Evolutionists also overlook that the Earth’s environment has changed in climate and atmosphere offsetting assumptions for radioisotope dating. For Carbon-14 (14C) dating to be accurate then the atmosphere must constantly contain the same amount of 14C throughout the centuries. However, 14C is changing and is not constant in the atmosphere (14C Activity and Global Carbon Cycle Changes over the Past 50,000 Years, [2], Carbon Clock).

Secular scientists also assume that fossil fuels are millions of years old. However, some tested samples of fossil fuel still have detectable amounts of 14C indicating thousands of years in age rather than millions (Chemical History of 14C in Deep Oil FieldsCarbon-14 Content of Fossil Carbon, [3], [4]). Either measuring 14C is an unreliable means of dating and, or the Earth is less than 60,000 years old. Furthermore, consider that the Nuvvuagittuq Greenstone Belt is considered one the oldest geological formation on the Earth supposedly over four billion years old and older than life, but this supra-crustal belt contains carbon indicating life existed from the beginning of the Earth.

Ultimately, secular scientists misuse radiometric dating and overlook the self-evident Creator. By excluding the Creator, they overlook the original elements created in igneous rock and preexisting carbon. God created the universe in a mature state. Radiometric dating that considers the Creator can consider that the earth was created some time after 4.5 billion years ago whether 4.5 billion years ago, 4.5 million years, or 7,500 years ago. Secular scientists exclude the Creator because of the naturalistic assumptions of uniformitarianism. God can create mature rocks, mature trees, set the speed of starlight, and form an adult man and woman while only days old. The rational answer is that radiometric dating is unreliable and God created a mature universe.

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