Do You Believe in Cavemen

Do you believe in cavemen? Many people do. Have you ever thought about the implications of the existence of cavemen? According to the evolutionary model, prehistoric men would have had invented religion, because only humans believe and practice religion. Apes do not worship and practice religion.

Religion and Survival

According to the evolutionary model, religion would not have been practical for the survival of the fittest. Who would have thrived: the cavemen who offered their animals to imagined spirits or the cavemen who did not waste their time offering their hunted game and gathered crops unto a deity? Under this framework, the cavemen who were not religious should have progressed, thrived, outlived, and overpopulated the wasteful religious cave-dwellers. The agnostic cavemen would not have wasted their time observing religious worship on any specific day. They would have been more productive, wealthier, and reproductive. They would have bred out the religious cave people. The religious cavemen would have ceased to exist, and then ancient and modern man would not be religious. However, this is not what the results of humanity today. Apparently, the survival of the fittest does not explain the evolution of cavemen to modern men.

The Original Belief in God

Ancient peoples worshiped “gods.” Was there an ancient atheist civilization that thrived more than the others? Was there ever an ancient atheist civilization? From supposed “prehistoric cavemen” to actual ancient civilizations, people apparently have a natural disposition to worship and to be religious. Why?

Throughout time, the number of “gods” increased among the ancient peoples. Reasoning the cause back through history demonstrates that the increase in the number of “gods” and “spirits” must decrease to minimum. Therefore, ancient people had fewer gods and spirits to worship. From the beginning, the ancient belief in one God and Spirit would have started. That historical belief in one God must have been the most ancient perception of God — the Creator. However, one God is unique as a maximally great Being and Creator of everything as opposed to various gods of varying powers and morals.


Because of the evolutionary model, the most primitive man could never have been an atheist under the framework of Darwinian evolution. Therefore, mankind’s most natural inclination, belief, and practice is to worship one God, because He was created by God. With such a natural disposition to worship one God, mankind did not randomly evolve, but rather people were created and designed by one God to worship the one true God, who is the epitome of virtue.