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Marks of Authenticity for the Original Christian Message

Do marks of authenticity support the core Christian message? Here is a study that can deepen the understanding and convictions of those who read the Bible. For the Christian and the critic, both perceive the need to historically affirm what … Continue reading

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God, Justice, and Genocide: Did God Command Genocide?

How can anyone worship the God who commands people to murder others? God’s existence requires that God is morally perfect especially if He is worthy of worship. Because humanity has a moral conscience, the source of that conscience must be … Continue reading

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How about those Agnostic Cavemen?!

Do apes worship and practice religion? No. If prehistoric men had existed in a more primitive nature, they would have had invented religion, because only humans believe and practice religion. According to evolution, religion would not have been practical for … Continue reading

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What Does the Scripture Mean that Christ, “Went and Proclaimed to the Spirits in Prison” (1 Pet. 3:19)?

What does the scripture mean that Jesus, “went and proclaimed to the spirits in prison” (1 Pet. 3:19)? In the context, Peter was stressing that Jesus suffered for us, “the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to … Continue reading

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Can We Come to the Bible Alone?

In response to an Huffington Post article titled, “We Never Come to the Bible Alone“, by Jamie Arpin-Ricci, I stated this challenge below, “I must disagree and challenge you on this. While we do not come to the Bible alone, … Continue reading

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“The Message of the Cross is Foolishness.”

Are we to believe that people, who believe in God, that Jesus is His Son, and that the Bible is inerrant, are ignorant and, or deluded? Can it be that such opponents of Biblical inerrancy cannot err in reasoning? Are … Continue reading

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Does God Take Pleasure in the Condemnation of Sinners?

Skeptics and even some believers have often times depicted God taking pleasure in condemning people. Does God take pleasure in condemning? In Ezekiel 18, God speaks of His just judgment in that the souls of people. By the way in … Continue reading

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