Jesus’s Words and other Bible verses are marked as “Explicit Results” on Google. One of my articles has 3 pictures of Bible verses highlighted within context: Mark 10:6, Romans 1:26, and 1 Corinthians 6:9. Mark 10:6 and Romans 1:26 are filtered by Google’s SafeSearch as “Explicit,” which most people would think to include extreme displays of lewdness, gore, and violence. Google defines SafeSearch’s purpose to:

“filter sexually explicit content from your search results” (SafeSearch). Google finds that Jesus’s words in Mark 10:6 to be “explicit” and not safe for viewing. Search within Google Images: Microsoft commercial same-sex marriage, and now click on and off the SafeSearch filter.

Yes, the article is entitled, “Christ, Scripture, and Microsoft’s Commercial Promoting Same-sex Marriage.” In which, I simply presented the words of Jesus and His Spirit as presented in the Bible. No obscenity. No slander. No hate. Despite what Google, Microsoft, and Amazon support, I am going to tell the Truth by the one God and His Christ, and I am using the products of these companies to do it. What I really want from each and every one of these companies is to set their egos aside, and then have an honest meditation from the heart upon the life, love, and words of Christ. May they come to conform to Jesus’s death, burial, and resurrection.