How to Get More from the Bible
  1. Ask God for wisdom and He will give wisdom (Jas 1:5).
  2. Focus on a section of Scripture and collect insights (Eph 3:4; cf. Heb 8–10).
  3. Observe who is speaking to whom (Acts 8:32–34; cf. Ps 110:1; Mark 12:35–37).
  4. Follow scriptures that precede the focused section of Scripture to where the text is going (cf. Heb 7).
  5. Connect points drawn from the focused section of Scripture with surrounding verses (cf. Rom 3:1–9; Heb 1:5–13).
  6. Search keywords in passage and allow the Bible to define the words preferably in the original language (cf. Gal 3:15–18).
  7. Relate the truth by contemplating how to live out these scriptures personally (cf. Rom 12; 2 Tim 3:16–17).
  8. Ask questions, keep seeking, and keep finding (cf. Rom 6:1, 15).