Milky Way Cosmology Causality

The universe is fined-tuned and the earth is precisely balanced for life. Evolution proposes that the earth was formed by chance and so happened to be able to support life. Either the universe exists by necessity, chance, or design. However, the universe is fine-tuned excluding necessity and chance. Therefore, the universe was designed.

What if someone asserted that the International Space Station was assembled by chance being formed by the accumulation of space debris? While everyone can see the designed structure of the Space Station to support life and the placement of the ISS for habitability, atheists fails to recognize that such natural order of complex systems in the cosmos demands the Designer.

The precise balance of earth’s elements, its position in the solar system, and the solar system’s position in the galaxy stands against the secular supposition that the earth and the expanding universe came to be by the undirected mechanisms originating from a singularity that came from a timeless nothing. The earth has all the necessary conditions to maintain life being in the habitable zone of the Sun while consisting of the precise amount of water, surrounded by protective “gas giant” planets, having the ideal orbit for stable temperatures, an exact axial tilt to maintain seasons and warmth, a protective magnetic field, an ideal placement in the galaxy, and essential elements for biochemistry (Limits to Earth Life, Earth – Suitable for LifeHow to Find a Habitable Planet). While evolutionists ponder if life exists on other planets, they overlook that life thrives on earth despite that they are unable to observe or simulate naturalistic origins.

Atheistic scientists propose that the complex order of the universe is the result of an exploding ball of matter originating from nothing. Earth is exceptionally unique and balanced just right for complex life to the extent that intelligent life has the ability to observe and the contemplate why people are able to admire the beautiful order of the Earth and the vast distances of the universe. The anthropic principle proposes just this that the universe is fine-tuned for human life, conscienceness, and observation.

Some evolution scientists have noted that by reverse-engineering the Universe. As one peer-reviewed article noted “The coherence of an engineered world,” the authors state in the abstract,

The linking of extraordinarily complex, but stable functional structures with the production of value provides the strong impression of a calculating intentionality, which is able to operate in a transcendent fashion.

The most coherent view of the universe is that of a system of subsystems that efficiently interact to prepare for, develop, and support advanced life, subject to various physical constraints.

The quest for understanding our universe as a whole benefits from the integration of knowledge from all areas of study, including those that consider questions of purpose, such as design engineering.

The synthesis of this knowledge that provides the most satisfying answers regarding human experience is one that admits the recognition of purpose and the existence of an (as yet, not-wellunderstood) engineering influence.

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