2 Responses to Simple Biblical Evidence

  1. Mike H. says:

    The legal standard you propose has no bearing on history or science. For instance, in the famous Hopkinsville goblin case, seven people gave exactly the same details about the little green men that menaced them on the night of August 21, 1955. Seven people… the adult and juvenile members of the Sutton family and an adult guest, one Billy Ray Taylor. Are we to accept that Aliens visited Hopkinsville in 1955?

    The incident meets your criteria. Do you accept it?


    • You are getting close. Let us examine their accounts and see if there are 2 or more contradictions.

      Your thinking excludes history and science. According to you, police reports cannot stand and journalism has no way to be proved. You should have learned about primary sources in middle school if not elementary school.

      How would any scientist report his observations without giving his eyewitness account? How could any astronomer affirm occurrences in the cosmos without proof? How would a biologist confirm one’s discoveries without witnessed reports?

      Can you even explain how you would prove anything? Don’t remind me of John Locke’s (another Creationists) reference to the 5 senses. These 5 senses bear witness.


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