Book of Revelation

1 – Instruction to Reveal the Word of God – John received revelation from Jesus to bear witness of what he saw and was signified to him by an angel. This was on the Lord’s Day when Jesus was in the midst of the seven congregations.

2–3 – The Seven Churches– Jesus’s words are revealed to the seven churches of Asia. Five are told to repent.

4–5 – Glory of the Throne of God – The Lamb comes from the heavenly throne of God to open seven seals of a scroll.

6 – Four Horsemen of the Great Tribulation and Two Seals of Justice – Six of the seven seals are opened and each reveals the condition of the earth in tribulation against the righteous.

7 – Saints Saved from the Great Tribulation – One hundred forty-four thousand Jews and millions of saints from the nations come out of the tribulation of the earth to live before the throne of God in paradise.

8–9 – Six of the Seven Trumpets of Justice – The seventh Seal contains seven trumpets of justice that comes on the earth for persecuting the saints.

10 – The Seven Thunders – The revelation of seven thunders are sealed up before the seventh trumpet is blown.

11 – Judgment of Jerusalem – Jerusalem is trampled by the nations followed by the seventh trumpet being blown, which is praise from 24 elders to God for judging the earth.

12 – Fall of Satan – Salvation, power, the kingdom, and the authority of Christ have come. This is signified by the fall of Satan from heaven. Satan pursues Israel, but settles to make war on the saints.

13 – The Beasts – Satan gives a beast power to control the whole earth, who follow and worship the beast while Satan makes war on the saints. Another beast rises to be the false prophet and gathers a following for the first beast and this one controls trade by the mark of the beast.

14–16 – The Seven Bowls of Wrath – Angels reveal that the gospel has gone throughout all the nations and that those who receive the mark of the beast will suffer the wrath of God by fire and brimstone. Seven angels are revealed with seven bowls of wrath against the enemies of God. Satan, the Beast, and the False Prophet gather to the place called Armageddon.

17 – The Harlot and the Beast – A great harlot is revealed as the city that sits on seven hills and she is drunk with the blood of the saints. Of seven kings of the city, five had fallen and the sixth king was ruling when John revealed this. The seventh king will come for a short time until comes the eighth king who is the Beast.

18 – Judgment of the Harlot – An angel proclaims devastation to the harlot city for fornicating with the nations. The saints, apostles, and prophets rejoice over her judgment.

19 – Wrath upon the Beast – The marriage of the Lamb has come. The Word of God comes riding on a white horse with His army to war and bringing judgment against the Beast, the False Prophet, and followers. The Beast and the False Prophet are thrown into the lake of fire.

20 – The Millennial Reign – Satan is bound up in the bottomless pit for one thousand years while the saints reign with Christ. When the thousand years ends, Satan is released to gather the nations again to attack the saints. Satan is captured and thrown into the lake of fire. Heaven and earth pass away, and then books are opened including the Book or Life for the judgment of the dead. Lastly, death and Hades are thrown into the lake of fire.

21–22 – The New Jerusalem – There is a new heaven and a new earth. The New Jerusalem comes down from the new heaven. The New Jerusalem is where the saved will live. Jesus blesses those who keep the words of this book and obey His commands. A warning is given to those who add or take away from this book.

Keys to Understand the Book of Revelation