Media Slants the Research to say that Americans Perceive Marriage to be “Obsolete”

The Media has been presenting that 40% of American think that marriage is “obsolete”. This is contrary to the research is found in a recent article from the Pew Research Center, “The Decline of Marriage and the Rise of New Families”. The actual question of the poll was, “Is marriage becoming obsolete?” This is an ambiguous question with 3 different interpretations. First, there is a huge difference between “being obsolete” and “becoming obsolete”. Second, there is a huge difference between interpreting this question as asking, “Are people making marriage obsolete?”, which I what I heard, and the other interpretation asking, “Do you personally think that marriage is obsolete?” The latter interpretation is what the media presents as the overall opinion of the American people. Now if action shows bias, then this is blatant media bias. In fact, the Pew Research Center refutes this slant stating, “When the World Values Survey posed a similar question in 2006 that used a more starkly worded formulation (“Marriage is an outdated institution—agree or disagree?”), just 13% of American respondents agreed.” Again, you can’t trust the media.

This is another ugly slap at Christ and the institution that He founded.

“Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

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7 Responses to Media Slants the Research to say that Americans Perceive Marriage to be “Obsolete”

  1. BTW says:

    “Non-Christian societies have all abused their wives in neglect, literal slavery, rape and, or seclusion.”
    Oh and by the way, so have Christian societies and there are Non-Christian societies that seem to threat their women just fine. In fact, South Korea where I lived for two years and where I’ll be going next month, they are only 30% Christian and their women are just fine. Their murder rates are also lower than the US.
    Just did a little bit of research with Alabama versus North Dakota in crime rates per population. ( Alabama’s crime rate is 21% HIGHER than the national average while ND is 63% LOWER. Maybe that tells you something about the two states. I sure know where I’m raising my children if I have any. (Nowhere down south that’s for sure.) I couldn’t compare domestic abuse because I could only find the shockingly high stats on AL, ND’s is nowhere to be found.


    • When did Christ ever degrade women? If these were Christian societies (meaning they followed Christ), they wouldn’t have done that. That is like saying that societies that claim to be altruistic and do evil, then therefore altruism is evil. You can say theistic societies have done evil, but not Christian who do not follow Christ.

      It is because of Christ’s influence and His words that nations from South Korea to China to India have given women equal value to men.

      Listen. Unwed homes have a lot to with crime in North Dakota and Alabama and where I am too. I’m sorry you hated that part of Alabama so much. I like both states.


  2. Women in the Church says:

    I specifically remember not being able to do anything at PCA. I wasn’t allowed to voice my opinion nor was I allowed to speak in front of any men because according to PCA’s views, women aren’t allowed to teach from the Bible. I went to three Christian schools and I can tell you that two of them were Christian schools.
    Alabama or more specifically, Prattville Alabama, is completely backwards in their thinking. I felt more oppressed of my religion there than anywhere else I’ve been. PCA was supposed to be a Christian school, not a “women can’t speak” school.
    It shows when the smallest school that I’ve ever been to is sprouting out the most marriages right out of high school. The women don’t know what to do without their men. They need them or else they can’t be Christian. I never understood that, but it’s in 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 that women must be in submission and can’t speak during church which is (or maybe was since I haven’t been there in a few years) strictly enforced at PCA but then skip back a couple chapters to Corinthians 11:5-6…how can a religion enforce two verses but in the same Scripture completely ignore others?
    I’m sure you, being a preacher can explain to me why. The only answers I ever get are “the times have changed” or “Paul didn’t mean that or Paul said this.”
    I’ve heard from plenty of amazing women pastors, the most recent one at my 18 year old cousin’s funeral and I know she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

    I was not encouraging drinking by the way, I was stating a point that they can get married at 18 but that’s about it. What is that going to accomplish? They haven’t gone to college, hopefully they are, but it just encourages sex. I’m glad that a few PCA teachers tried to convince students otherwise but check out FB and you can see all the engagements, wedding plans. I’m happy for them but I’m glad my parents raised me differently. My parents got married young (21 and 22) and they told me that was the stupidest thing they ever did. I agree with them, being 21, no way am I getting married anytime soon.
    So from what you are saying, because I’m planning on educating myself before I get married, I’m not a Christian? Please re-read my text because I never said that I wasn’t a Christian nor was I saying anything other than I disagree with PCA’s views and young people getting married. It seems that it’s just a fad and it’s just leading to more and more divorces and children caught in the middle. My mother is one of 6 children and three of them have divorced, one is in the process (they are living in separate cities already) and one never got married but has a daughter. That just leaves my mother who is still married to my father. None of them should have gotten married in the first place but the pressure of my extremely religious grandparents and the Bible had them. They were all young and stupid and constantly tell me to wait before I get married and stay single as long as I can.
    “Without Christ’s influence on this world, you’d not have the right to have made your comment.” <– and gladly since the world has advanced a little since Paul, being a woman, I can voice my opinions as long as I'm not a part of PCA or it's CoC affiliate. (Oh and I don't have to wear a headscarf either.)


    • EB,

      Women taught your classes! They counseled! They organized chapel! Girls spoke up in my Bible class all the time! My tests were open to express your own opinions without ridicule or even being graded on how you answered!

      You wanting to speak over men isn’t Christian submission! Christianity is a submissive faith. We all submit to someone. Every Christian is to submit not only to Christ but to each other (Eph. 5:22). The position of PCA and ACA has been and the churches of Christ is to follow Christ’s words through Paul who taught that women could teach (1 Cor. 11) and “there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Gal. 3:28). Yet God gave different roles to men and women. Women can bear children, birth, and nurse, which men have no right. You might not like that. Some men don’t like supporting their families and being spiritual leaders. Should we be angry at God, a church, or nature for these inherited roles? No. God knows each sex better than we know ourselves. Yes, 1 Corinthians 14 teaches that women are not to speak, teach, in the Assembly (not Bible class). Why? Was this a man putting down women? No. God gave men that inheritance to lead and speak through Adam. Men are also the head of the household and not by dictating submission but by love just as Christ also calls for submission by love (Eph. 5:23ff). Christian husbands are commanded to love their wives and nourish and cherish them (Eph. 5). This is what Christian women are supposed to be submitting to. First Timothy 2 teaches that women are not to “teach or have authority over a man”, a Christian man to be exact within context. See, Priscilla helped evangelize Apollos (Acts 18) yet she didn’t teach over Christian men. These are all the words of Christ. Reject them if you want, but then you are not submitting to Christ. Woman’s roles are not oppression. God knows women better women know themselves.

      See, when you reject Christ’s Spirit speaking through Paul, Peter, John, or any other Apostle or prophet, you reject Christ’s words. Remember John 17:8 where Jesus said that He gave those words to His Apostles. If you reject Paul, then you’d have reject Luke who wrote under Paul, Peter who called Paul’s writings “scripture”, and Mark who wrote under Peter. There goes 19 books of the New Testament.

      Marriage is a decision for couples. I waited till the end of college and that’s good, but I know its not for everyone. I’d rather a couple marry than profane marriage with premarital sex.

      I may have misunderstood you, but within the context of the article above, to “personally” think that marriage is obsolete would imply that you think marriage is an outdated institution. At the same time, you expressed no agreement to the article, but rather disagreement and dislike for PCA. How else could I interpret your words?

      I remember you well from class and I still respect you greatly. God bless you.


  3. Marriage says:

    I personally think that marriage is becoming a thing of the past. It’s pretty much just getting two names on a piece of paper and sharing things. People don’t need to get married to love each other and obviously don’t need to get married to have children. Although, it has been proven that children do better in a two parent household. Look at what school you used to teach at, I know of what, 6 soon to be couples and most aren’t even 21 yet? I don’t call that a marriage…that’s just the Alabama Christian way of doing things.
    “You must be married right out of high school”…you can’t go out and drink and celebrate after your marriage but you can get married. People are becoming smarter and waiting or not getting married at all. It’s just taking some time to spread across the US and get to places such as Alabama.
    The one thing I learned at PCA – “Women must be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.” I hope that it’s just girls at PCA learning that and not the rest of the world. No wonder marriages are ending in divorces or women are taking the hints to stay single and independent (Just not my fellow PCA classmates).


    • Wow! Evidently, you reject Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. Christian marriage has lifted women up from the non-Christian world. You’re just promoting the degradation and abuse of women, giving men the ability to neglect wives and children, leaving mothers and children to live in poverty, allowing extorting mothers to burden fathers with the children of other men, and providing an environment for the increase of infanticide by abortion. Non-Christian societies have all abused their wives in neglect, literal slavery, rape and, or seclusion.

      Not that I’m an advocate for PCA, you have no reason to slander them with lies. Would you have an institution promote illegal activities like minors drinking? PCA and ACA would serve you better to teach you the history of centuries of non-Christian social evils. Without Christ’s influence on this world, you’d not have the right to have made your comment.


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