2 Responses to The Church of Christ’s View of the Man as the Head of the House

  1. Christian says:

    How can you speak for a fractured group? There is no convention in the Churches of Christ therefore any maniac can say anything he thinks has authority from the scriptures regardless if he is correct or not. Ive witnessed so much hypocrisy within the Church of Christ, some saying that im going to hell because im a different denomination, some asserting that men are the heads of family. There will always be dissent among you because you have decided not to follow Acts 15. No denominaton is perfect because we are human but the conceited self centered views that I have encountered while attending a Church of Christ college are a clear sign that many of the Churches of Christ have been tricked off of the narrow way.


    • In fact, least fractured if you consider erring churches as “divisions” will smacks of prejudice. For you would have to have concluded that the divisions of non-institutional churches are of the whole and you know they are not, or you could from bias include the “international” denomination and the “progressive” divisions. I’d like to hear of any divisions among the mainstream. The denominations have dozens of divisions among themselves unless they make no stand regarding Christ’s words to which they differ in every direction and most importantly away from Christ. Yet, the first century churches of Christ also struggled with divisions among themselves and still did not establish denominations. Denominations are erring groups who many times and are comfortable originating from a man or a movement.

      Yes, a “convention” can bring unity in truth and even unity in error. Acts 15 is an excellent passage for the unity of Christians locally. Yet, this is not for the whole Church. Here in Jacksonville, the churches of Christ meet regularly in discussion.

      We all know that divisions and religious parties are wrong. Those who practice them will not inherit the kingdom of heaven (Gal. 5:19-21). It would be hypocrisy if we do not stand against denominations and seek to unite in Christ and in His words revealed by His Spirit. The Church can only strive for unity in the words and doctrine of Christ. This does not have much to do with the imperfections of denominations and the churches of Christ, but rather disrespect toward words of the Spirit of Christ against denominationalism. To say that churches are not perfect therefore any would be heretical and contrary to Christ, and to say that people can be perfect and that there is a perfect congregation is too. I have an article on this, “No Perfect Church, So Any Will Do?“.


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