Skeptics, atheists, various denominations, and Muslims agree with the Catholic Church that the Christian Scriptures were put together by the bishops of the Catholic Church in the 4th c. Yet, the beliefs and practices of the 4th century catholic church appear to be different from the Christian Scriptures. According to Dr. Everett Ferguson’s Early Christians Speak. (3rd Ed. ACU Press, 1999), the 4th century catholic church adopted beliefs and practices, which are observably contrary to the teachings of the New Testament scriptures. Practices not found in Scripture include infant baptism, the separation of bishops and presbyters, the office of archbishops, the separation between priests and laymen, the actual existence of Christ’s body and blood in the Lord’s Supper, and the actual re-sacrifice of Christ in every partaking of the Lord’s Supper.

Why would the Catholic Church put together a collection of Apostolic writings of primitive Christianity that contradicted and neglected such essential beliefs and practices to the Catholic Church? This is because they did not put the New Testament collection of Scriptures together. The contrast between the 4th century church and the Christian Scriptures are another witness against the assertion that a 4th century church council assembled the New Testament scriptures. See more about who did here: How the New Testament was Collected.