Chapel of a Church of Christ

Long have the “progressives” associated with the Restoration Movement contradicted the original leaders of the movement. They believe themselves to mostly be in agreement and few would admit their differences between these leaders and their neglect to present the Scriptures soundly. Most mock and scoff the acts of Assembly, or many simply label the acts of worship in the Assembly as “heritage”, which is a disgraceful title for the worship of Christ as just man-made “heritage”. “Progressives” teach that there is no Scriptural order or pattern for worship in the Assembly.

I am not surprised by Alexander Campbell’s affirmations of Scriptural truths presented below that there is an order, which he means acts of worship in the Assembly. The last statements found in bold show Campbell’s reference to the five acts of the Assembly that are cast aside today by dissensions [denominations]. In reading the below, you will find Campbell’s rejections to all inventions of worship in the Assembly. Therefore, he rejected the later addition of the musical instrument calling it a “cowbell in a concert”.

When reading the following (July 4, 1825), realize that Campbell does not cite Scripture here since it is an introduction to his other discourses. I have placed in bold what I believe to be important and distinguishing statements. Read “A Restoration of the Ancient Order of Things. No. V. Order of Worship.”