Amazing Animation of the Complex Order and Design of the Cell

Here is a great video presenting the complex order within a cell. Cells are irreducibly complex systems. Cells cannot be gradually built by chance, but the functions of the cell must be designed to simultaneously operate.

“The complex order of parts within the cell make up an amazing machine. The wonder of motor proteins like kinesins walking on cytoskeleton leaves evolutionists conjecturing how these proteins could happen by accident. Imagining the processes of the cell only reveals a complex order equal from within by its genetic code.”

See design for yourself:

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23 Responses to Amazing Animation of the Complex Order and Design of the Cell

  1. These are amazing sources on replicating RNA. You’re making the case for theistic evolution! I could argue Creationism. See, your sources above say clearly “in vitro evolution” or “directed evolution”, which is engineered evolution by scientists [somewhat intelligent]. You claim there is no designer or engineer, and now you give sources that stand against your blind belief!

    For the case for intelligent design, directed evolution is the gradual engineering by intelligence piece by piece. This doesn’t even affirm theistic evolution’s domino affect of starting evolution. Instead each stage of development came by engineering, and this is proof of the Creator, God. We know that the Creator being beyond nature and having a comprehensive knowledge in creating the Universe could easily speak elements together instantly while it takes man decades and centuries to comprehend.

    Is that it?


  2. All you do is make assertions. Come on. Where is the proof, your evidence? Are your conjectures not evident? Why don’t you enlighten us ignorant people? Speak to us like children. Certainly, you have reproducible experiments that we can do to genetic drift can move one family to another.

    Let me understand Bruce. You have proof that there cannot be any intelligent creator of the universe, but you refuse to show it. Please, how do you know that there is no intelligent creator whatsoever? You are so confident. Present your proof.

    What would your sane life be? Would you not base your morals on your own desires [even for the improvement of society]?

    I can’t accept that the Bible is written by ignorant people since the Bible has not one scientific error unlike skeptic scientists and their history of hoaxes. Add to this the perfection in historical accounts and the sublime morality of the Bible.


  3. Bruce says:

    Just accept that the Bible was written by ignorant people who did not know what cause earthquakes or what stars are or why rain comes from the sky. You life will get a whole lot saner.


  4. Bruce says:

    “Wait! What was the firmament called? It was heaven, the space between the waters.”

    And where are these waters, and how are they kept apart? The waters below the firmament are the seas. The waters above the firmament are kept up there by the solid firmament. God lives *above* the firmament — according to the verses I quoted. “Heaven” just means “the sky” (they are the same word in Biblical Hebrew).


  5. Bruce says:

    “This is exactly the same old conjectures and twisting of Scriptures.”

    There is no conjecture here. If you are referring to the science, well, the latest science has proved conclusively that RNA can evolve from simple molecules, can replicate without cells, and can evolve into DNA. See the work of Gerald Joyce:

    As for the reading of the Bible, you call my reading “interpretation”. No, it is straightforward, LITERAL reading of the text. The text says literally that the sky is solid, and literally has windows and doors, and literally that it is possible for 1/3rd of the stars to fall to Earth, and literally that the Earth is a *circle*, not a ball, and it says literally that if you rise to a high enough point, you can see the entire world.

    YOU are the one who is twisting the Bible around to make it fit your (quasi-) modern idea of what the world is like, or treating it as non-literal “poetry”. That means you are not the Bible literalist that you think you are. If you are not a Bible literalist, then why do you insist that *some* parts of the Bible, though incredible, are literally true (e.g., the talking snake, the 6,000-year-old Earth, etc.)?

    Solid firmament is not conjecture, it is the exact meaning of the word. If you don’t know what “firmament” means, that’s not my fault.

    “You are as ignorant of science as you are of the Bible. ” — You are describing yourself.


  6. This is exactly the same old conjectures and twisting of Scriptures. Your interpretations are apparently biased. Your dishonesty and lying testify that you are a son of hell.

    It is easy reading to note the references in the Scriptures to the levels of heaven: earth’s atmosphere, the universe, and the spiritual heaven. It is easy to also read “as” and “like” in poetic scripture. Even the common reference to the stars falling to a change of government power passes you mind. Your solid firmament conjecture is another lie clearly seen in “Then God said, ‘Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.’ Thus God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven.” Wait! What was the firmament called? It was heaven, the space between the waters.

    You are as ignorant of science as you are of the Bible. You need evidence. This video is one a many for me.


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