An Animated Presentation on the Wonderful Design of God’s Creation

This is a wonderful animated video entitled, “The Watchmaker”, that presents the design of God’s creation and foolishness of evolution. Enjoy.

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7 Responses to An Animated Presentation on the Wonderful Design of God’s Creation

  1. Scott says:

    Your video does not prove evolution, but speculates of a framework that fails experiments and cannot be observed.

    Common logic does not suffice for “scientists” and evolutionists, since as so many believe that one must know the “science” to great extents to know whether evolution is true or false. I guarantee that even I, a simple logical man, know and can defend atheism and evolution better than the “fools” who believe it. How would you Erik know when Scientists know anything about science and the origin of all things being when you have no “degree” in science? How can you measure their understanding? Do you believe in another great hierarchy? Did you not affirm that people must have a “degree” to know anything well? Cannot simple reason answer anything? We must both be such ignorant fools.

    You have surely shown your understanding by addressing the simplicity of a child’s cartoon.


  2. Erik says:

    This is really nonsense and shows an utter lack of knowledge as to what evolution really is. I love it when people who don’t have degrees in science “discount” evolution.


  3. Erik says:

    Here’s an excellent video that more accurately describes evolution-


  4. Scott says:

    God is eternal. He is metaphysical and beyond our comprehension. He is not subject to the law of entropy for He is spirit beyond that of observable matter and energy though He created it and operates upon it. He is not subject to the law of cause and effect though He is the eternal cause. No matter how you see it. The law of cause and effect leaves all existing energy and matter with the unanswerable questions of, “Since every effect had cause, what was the first cause?”, “When did all energy [and matter] begin since it had a beginning?”, “Why did it begin?”, “What caused energy [and matter]?”, and “What caused energy [and matter] to operate on other energy [or matter] for the very first time?”


  5. Jens says:

    …and where did god come from?…

    Any argument that uses design comes back to how a god could suddenly poof into existence with the ability to do this designing. After all, design, and the ability to design, are defined by the argument as necessitating a designer. But, it is heresy to posit that god was also created by a watchmaker, and further heresy to posit that the watchmaker had a watchmaker, ad infinitum. Unfortunately design begs the question of the design of the designer, which is conveniently left unasked and unquestioned in Christian theology.


  6. Scott says:

    The video is titled, “The Watchmaker”. There is only one who by His own omniscience and omnipotence designed and built the watches as the video explains.


  7. Ok, I’ll give it this: it’s cute. But unfortunately it’s silly.

    Wouldn’t it take many watchmakers to make a watch? I don’t know how to make a watch, for example. I’d have to learn from other watchmakers. And surely watches have changed over the years. I’d be willing to bet that any watchmaker is making watches based on information passed down to them from other watchmakers and people of that industry, making improvements, etc.

    If anything that would seem to support polytheism.


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