List of Scientific Insights in the Bible

There is so much compelling evidence for faith in the God of the Bible. One type of evidence is that of amazing scientific insight in the Bible. The Bible consists of scientific foreknowledge reflecting natural facts and healthy practices before scientific discovery. Therefore, the Bible truly was either guided by God or written by very intelligent people, who in this case believed in God and thought that they received these facts from God. If the Bible is the production of ancient superstitious minds of men, who spoke of nature and their own medical practices, then this would mean that the Bible would most likely err from proven science. Yet, there are no errors.

Consider this compelling evidence for the God of the Bible. This is an old evidence to those who know Christian evidences, but it is just as powerful now as ever and worth reviewing. Here are some scientific facts first appearing in the Bible before being discovered scientific study more than 2000-3500 years later:

*Blood is essential to the life of the flesh of man and animals (Lev. 17:11-14, Gen. 9:4-6).
*Life only comes from life, and one genus only comes after its own genus. This is Louis Pasteur’s Law of Biogenesis (Gen. 1:11, 12, 21, 24, cf. 30:30-43).

*Infections are described for diagnosis (Lev. 13:24-25).
*The Bible gives instructions for recognizing and using clean water (Lev. 11:33-36).
*Infectious wounds are to be washed with clean water (Lev. 15:13).
*Contagious clothing should be washed, altered and, or burned to prevent spread of disease (Lev. 13:34, 13:46-59).
*People should avoid the uncleanness of dead bodies and be clean by washing with water containing antiseptic, antibacterial soap described in recipe of ashes from cedar, hyssop, and scarlet (Num. 19).
*Quarantining helps stop the spread of certain diseases (Lev. 13:45-46; Numbers 5:1-4).
*Growths in houses should be cleansed with prescribed soap, and if it remains, then remove portions of the house to prevent the spread of diseases (Lev. 14:39-41, 49-53).
*Biblical “leprosy” is distinguished for diagnosis preventing the spread of disease such as smallpox (Lev. 13).
*The ideal time for surgery of an infant boy is on 8th day after his birth (Lev. 12:3).
*The human body may be opened for surgery (Gen. 2:21).

*The Earth is a sphere (Prov. 8:27, Isa. 40:22, Job 26:10).
*The Earth hangs upon nothing (Job 26:7).
*The Universe is in the state of entropy and wearing out according the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (Psa. 102:25-26, Isa. 51:6, Heb. 1:10-11)
*The stars are too numerous to be numbered (Jer. 33:22).
*The states of constellations, Pleiades and Orion, differ in nature despite casual observation (Job 38:31).
*The Sun has an orbit of its own (Psalm 19:4-6).

*The ideal ratio for a seaworthy barge is 30x5x3 (Gen. 6:15)

*There are currents in the sea as was discovered by Matthew Fontaine Maury when he heard Psalm 8 read (Psa. 8:8). There are springs releasing in the seas (Job 38:16).
*Lightning has a natural path and the cause of thunder (Job 38:25, Jer. 10:13, 51:16).
*Wind has weight and a regular course (Job 28:25, Eccl. 1:6).
*Water moves through the Water Cycle (Eccl. 1:7, Job 36:27-28, Amos 9:6).

One or two facts may be interesting and just a coincidence, but the number of facts predating the times of recognized discovery is no coincidence and is certainly amazing. How could the writers of the Bible continue to know such things about the world without advanced technology to observe such? God is the answer, and He is who they claim to be their source. There are no other ancient books claiming God’s guidance that can present such foreknowledge to scientific discovery.

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24 Responses to List of Scientific Insights in the Bible

  1. Lisa Donovan says:

    Do you happen to know each individual that was responsible for the various scientific discoveries listed in your article titled:
    Scientific Discoveries Already in the Bible?


    • I don’t think I know all who discovered what. I do know that Matthew Fontiane Maury found the paths in the sea after his daughter read Psalm 8:8 to him. Maury also has written on these things himself, so he is excellent to look up. Maury knew a head of time that scientific discoveries lay in the very pages of the Bible. Also, Ignaz Semmelweis did discover much regarding the hygeine. Pasteur established the Law of Biogenesis. Of the top of my head, that is all that I know.


  2. Bruce is a perfect example of a skeptic. As I stated before, “Either way, the hostile non-believer wants to not believe. He or she will resist the Truth no matter what, because their hearts are not set on knowing the truth especially when it reveals the existence of God. While many believers also tend to believe what he or she wants, they will not progress like the non-believer toward a depraved and defiled mind unto damnation (Rom. 1:28-32).”

    He is an exact pattern in Scripture of “Why People Really Do Not Believe in God?” (


  3. Bruce says:

    It’s pretty obvious that the Bible thinks the Earth is a flat disk, that the sky is a solid dome above the disk, that it is supported on pillars, that the seas are fed from below (“the fountains of the deep”), that the stars are small lights attached to the dome (such that 1/3rd are able to fall to Earth in Revelations), and so on. Your attempts to find scientific “foreknowledge” in the Bible are very weak, and smack of desperation. Similar efforts have been made on behalf of the Vedas (ancient Hindu scriptures), and though the Vedas get some things blatantly wrong (e.g., thinking the Sun is nearer the Earth than the Moon is), it is clear that the understanding of the Cosmos in the Vedas is much more advanced well thought-out than that in the Bible.

    Your other examples are equally pathetic. Jens has given a pretty good explanation as to why.

    Why not just face up to reality, and admit what is obviously the case, namely, that the Bible was written, edited, and compiled by human beings, who possessed no magical knowledge either of science, or of the future, or of any supernatural realm?

    You are clinging, with painful nostalgia, to a dead hypothesis. Why? Is there some niggling fear that if you stop believing, you will be punished?


  4. Scott says:

    That is a good article though I don’t know about the Asteroids passage. Thank you.


  5. Scott says:

    Good question. Well, I first looked at the immediate context and saw in the pretext that wisdom existed before the creation of the world (23-26), then in verse 27, I see that wisdom was there when God set a circle upon the deep. What deep? Remember in Genesis that the earth was first void and just water. Genesis 1:2, “And the earth was waste and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” Also see Genesis 1:6-9 to see that the waters were then organized, which is exactly what is seen in Proverbs 8:28-29. It is very clear that a circle, as is in the Hebrew, was established upon the Earth as a whole consisting of only water at this time. There was no moon, sun, nor stars yet either according to the Genesis account, which it is very clear what this passage is referring to and that being that for the earth a boundary was set being water into a circle. Look also again at “When He [God] gave to the sea its boundary, That the waters should not transgress His commandment”.

    Grace and peace to you in Christ,


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