Scriptures about Christians and Civil Government

Here are some applications and a list of scriptures about Christians and civil government:

  • Use your rights as a Christian and citizen (Acts 22:22–29).
  • God ordains the government to punish the wicked and to praise those who do good (1 Pet 2:13–17).
  • Obey the government and honor their leaders (Titus 3:1–2).
  • Pay taxes (Matt 22:15–22; Rom 13:5–7; cf. Mark 12:13–17; Luke 20:19–26).
  • Pray for them so that we live at peace (1 Tim 2:1–4).
  • Use their abuse of power for freedom to spread the gospel (Acts 16:35–40).
  • Avoid stirring up quarrels, disputes, and mobs (Acts 24; Titus 3:1–2).
  • Use the government as the God-instituted sword to protect you (Acts 23:26–35).
  • Let the government avenge with God’s wrath (Rom 13:4).
  • However, appeal to the governing authorities for justice (Acts 24:22–27; 25:8–12; 26).

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