“What do you think about divorce and remarriage?” asked a young man to the minister. The young man was engaged and his parents divorced. The minister lovingly pleaded, “Maybe you should focus yourself on understanding Ephesians 5 and husbands loving their wives before you try to understand divorce.” That reply impacted that young man’s life and strengthened his coming marriage.

How much have Christian couples influenced their children, the church, and the world by glorifying God with Christ-like behavior? Christ-like husbands give their lives for their wives. How has that Christian model changed the world? God blessed humanity with marriage, and He has blessed the world with Christ’s selfless model. Christ died for everyone, and thus His example influences marriages for the better.

Contrary to the self-centered, degraded, or dominating approaches of many husbands, the Scriptures teach men another way — a Christ-like approach (Luke 22:25–27). Christ’s mission for the church models the husband’s mission for his wife. This is a reason that Christian husbands make the best leaders. God uses the wife to help the husband become a better man and leader. Therefore, elders must be married and lead their households well (1 Tim 3:4–5; Titus 1:6). May all Christians pray for husbands to be Christ-like.

Nine Ways for a Husband to Better Love His Wife

(1) He must give his life for his wife (Eph 5:25; cf. Matt 20:28; John 15:13; Phil 2:5–8; 1 John 3:16).

(2) He must lead his wife to live a holy life (Eph 5:23, 26–27; cf. Luke 22:25–27).

(3) He must nourish and so provide and cherish his wife by holding to her (Gen 2:24; Eph 5:28).

(4) He does not act bitterly and harshly toward his wife (Col 3:19).

(5) He must not neglect the intimate union with his wife (1 Cor 7:1–9).

(6) He observes the hidden person of her heart (1 Pet 3:4).

(7) He lives with his wife in an understanding way (1 Pet 3:7).

(8) He honors his wife (1 Pet 3:7).

(9) He encourages his wife’s godly and chaste behavior and supports her good works (1 Tim 2:10; 1 Pet 3:2).