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Overcoming Sin through Hope of the Resurrection

Can hope of eternal life change believers to live holy lives? That depends on the hope of the eternal life and the source. Have you ever wondered why many who essentially believe are yet unfaithful? Many have a very shallow … Continue reading

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What is the Most Sublime Message with the Greatest Ideal?

Virtue cannot exist without someone to possess it, and the greatest virtue of love has no beginning or end. Love could not originate by accident or be necessitated by mere survival instinct, then love would cease to be a choice … Continue reading

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If This Doesn’t Compel You, What Virtuous Act Would?

If the life and death of Jesus Christ does not compel you, what virtuous act would? Who can help you? Are people more compelled by their flesh, their egos, and their wealth? Is Jesus’ death not compelling enough to change … Continue reading

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