How the New Testament Came Together

Secrets remain hidden in plain sight within the Biblical texts. How the New Testament came together is one such mystery. In the name of “scholarship,” critical academics conjecture that fourth-century Christian councils formed the Christian Scriptures — the New Testament Scriptures. However, presuppositions have covered the truth. By giving attention directly to the Scriptures, the New Testament refutes the myths that such councils formed the Christian Scriptures. These Scriptures testify that Jesus’s Apostles and prophets collected the holy writings in the first century.

The Apostles oversaw the formation of the New Testament Scriptures. Distributing doctrinal letters between Christians was an early practice (Acts 15:22–25, 30). Paul’s missionary journeys covered large areas across the known world, so that the spreading of these writings covered a vast area. The early Christians spread the message of Jesus throughout the world in the first century. This occurred before Paul completed Romans in AD 57–58 (Rom 1:8; 10:18–20; 16:25–26) and before the writer of Colossians finished the epistle to the Colossians in AD 61–63 (Col 1:5–6, 23). All of the epistles accredited to Paul show that his letters went to many places throughout the nations.

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