Jesus bought His Church with His blood, and man’s religion did not (Acts 20:28). Jesus built His Church, and man-made religion did not (Matt. 16:18). Let us follow Christ to His Church. Let us only be a part of the Church of Christ. Let us choose Christ over man-made religion.

Seeing God's Breath

Jesus came to build His Church, and He did (Matt. 16:18). He bought the Church with His own blood (Acts 20:28). With so many different churches contrasting with one another over Jesus’ words, many or most appear to have forgotten who died for the Church. Apparently, many including our friends, family, and ourselves have turned away from Christ to be a part of man-made churches or have given up on Christ’s Church because of man-made churches. Where is the Church of Christ? Can a Christian go to any church?

How can all believers once again seek to be one in the Church of Christ?

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