Seeing God's Breath

One of the most dishonest assertions from skeptics is to refer to the Bible’s references to slavery as approving of oppressive slavery by God. The most important thing to do when considering the words of critics is extreme skepticism of every single word from their mouths since these initially must approach the Bible with prejudice. It was Bible-believing professing Christians in the nineteenth century that outlawed and overcame the sin of slavery in Great Britain and the United States. At the same time, it was so-called “Christians” with their Muslim, pagan, and unbelievers who enslaved and traded slaves.

Becoming a Slave in the Bible

Was slavery allowed in the Bible? According to the Old Testament, the Israelites had a number of instructions for servant work and labor laws. No servants could come from being kidnapped and enslaved (Exod 21:16; Deut 24:7). Enslaving others was contrary to the law and worthy…

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