Seeing God's Breath

There is a principle held to by many Christians often called the “Law of Exclusion” and “Specifics Exclude” teaching that the specific commands of God exclude alternatives and additions. This principle is a critical point of separation over Christians beliefs regarding baptism, worship, Christians music, and marriages. This principle is used by some to exclude certain religious practices that Scriptures are silent about, because the Bible is specific in instruction. In other words, the “law of exclusion” is the idea that though the Bible does not explicitly say that some things are wrong, these things are still wrong being contrary to specifically written instruction from Christ’s Spirit. Many Christians would be surprised to know what the Bible is silent about and even more important that the Bible is very specific about in instruction. It is the object of this article to put to test this “law of exclusion” that forbids many…

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About Scott J Shifferd

Minister, church of Christ in Jacksonville, FL. Husband and father of four. Email: ScottJon82[at]
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