Seeing God's Breath

When the leaders and members of churches are confronted with the topic of what is the exact moment that one is saved, then there is a list of differing and contradicting beliefs. Many churches believe that one is saved at first belief, and then some may believe at confession of sins or confession of Christ or accepting Christ into one’s heart. Some say when a believer accepts Christ’s grace, says the “sinner’s prayer”, repents, joins a church, “Holy Spirit baptism,” water baptism, “speaking in tongues,” an anointing, or a preacher’s prayer before a congregation. Some believe that any such experiences is when someone could become saved and that salvation depends on the individual.

Should there be so many contradicting beliefs? Ephesians 2:4–7 depicts an actual moment when Christ saves believers. Make a mental note now and think about when did you believe that Christ saved you. Consider some Scriptures and…

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