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This is simply a reply to some misleading questions. In an article titled, “the Church of Christ Denomination written by a nameless someone, who writes, “When you point out how radically different they [the Church of Jesus Christ] really are from the original NT church, they blow it off and say, That was then, this is now.” “That was then, this is now” is not our reply. A reply to this may be useful to those who honestly consider the words of Christ, so lets begin addressing these 6 questions meant to display differences between.

“Greet one another with a Holy Kiss?” The author is implying that we don’t greet one another with a holy kiss. We do though done mostly by women and not every day or every Lord’s Day in some congregations. This is still a greeting and not the only greeting. If the author may be implying that it is the only greeting using Romans 16:16a, then he is rebuking the Spirit of Christ who wrote through Paul in Romans 16:16b, “The churches of Christ greet you.” How did the churches of Christ greet the Church of Christ at Rome? It is by the written word of Paul and not a kiss! Did the Spirit of Christ neglect to inform the churches of Christ that kissing is the only greeting? Paul was not commanding kisses, but rather holy kisses as all greetings should be holy. Someone should have told Paul that the Apostles giving him the right hand of fellowship was also wrong (Gal. 2:9).

“Why don’t they have signs following them?” Here the author implies that miraculous signs should follow all Christians. According to this author, the Christians in Rome must not have been New Testament Christians being that they did not have any such spiritual gifts (Rom. 1:11). Yet, they did have the Spirit and Christ in them (Rom. 8:9-11), which discourse from Romans reveals the necessity of Christ and the Spirit being in Christians.

“Why don’t they sell all of their belongings and share everything with each other?” This is simply a slanderous question. Acts 2:42 does not even present example of selling all things. We do share and distribute too all who have needs. Does the author not know that the Church is not be burdened with supporting the necessities of those who have families to care for them (1 Tim. 5:4-8)? There were still rich people in the Church, who were blessed greatly in things that they may enjoy (1 Tim. 6:17-19). The Church in the New Testament was never a communist sect as the author implies.

“Why do they forbid to speak in tongues?” This is another slanderous question. We don’t forbid speaking in known tongues to evangelize, which is the meaning of 1 Cor. 14:39. We have missionaries throughout the world who speak in native languages and even by translators (“interpreters”). These are speaking in tongues and we evidently do not forbid such. Just as Paul showed that speaking in the foreign languages in the Assembly was wrong (1 Cor. 14:10ff), so do we. We do not teach, preach, pray or sing in foreign languages in the Assembly.

“When someone is sick in your congregation, do the Elders come over and anoint the sick with oil and pray for healing?” This is another slander. Our elders pray over the sick when they are called just as James 5:14 says.

“Why don’t you meet together, everyday like the early church did?” Some of us do and some us are like the Christians at Troas who met weekly on the Lord’s Day (Acts 20:6-7). As seen throughout the book of Acts, not all Christians were blessed to be able to meet every day.

The author would have better displayed pictures of us using cell phones and driving cars to and from the Assembly to show how different we are from the 1st century New Testament church, than display his ignorance of Scripture and blatant bias. All these question present biblical ignorance and sectarian prejudice.